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The History of Art Students' Association

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About Us

The History of Art Students’ Association (HASA) is the undergraduate art history student body representative focused on producing and promoting events and resources for the history of art students at the University of Toronto. We are dedicated to bringing rewarding experiences to our art history specialists, majors, and minors through information sessions, workshops, feedback sessions, symposiums, and journals.

Where to find us

We are always open to hearing what our students want from their experience studying the history of art at the Art Department. You can always find us on Facebook and Instagram… Or at cafes, libraries, galleries, museums, and other (super) random places!

Notable locations include: 

  • The Buttery 

  • Sidney Smith 

  • The Art History Common Room 

  • The Fine Arts Library 

  • Ned's Cafe 

  • Earth Sciences Library

  • Pretty much anywhere with a laptop charger! 

Helpful Resources

Since we are a community dedicated to undergraduate art historians, here are our top three resources for curious scholars. 

The Art History Undergraduate Handbook

This handbook is essential for any scholar trying to navigate through your degree.  It is written by senior undergraduate students who have mastered the ins and outs of studying here at UofT.  

The Art History Writing Lab 

These workshops run from September–April and offer one-on-one tutoring sessions to help students with idea development, writing, and editing art history papers. Art History students will be notified of workshops by email and can sign up here for tutoring sessions. 

The Hart House Art Committee 

Hart House is potentially the greatest student resource on campus, offering programming and facilities ranging from the academic to the artistic/cultural to the athletic. In particular, the Hart House Art Committee is a great way to get involved with the arts on campus. There are several positions that get filled each year through tri-campus applications, including a first-year voting member position. Even if you're not part of the executive committee, you can still attend the HHAC's programming and events – they're open to all UofT students. 






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